the programme

The secret to your success is your team, once fully engaged and led effectively.

Your patients, their family and friends will build your business, if you can delight them at every visit, day in, day out. To do this you must focus on your team, not your patients. Your team meet, talk and communicate with them every day and can make or break the relationship carefully constructed by you. If you look after the Team, they will look after the patients.

The five steps to effective team engagement...

Simple but not easy


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Windswept Hair


Set a compelling Vision that excites the team, over and above providing oral care.

The greater the ambition, if delivered with honest enthusiasm, the greater the effort put in.

Happy Family


What does the Vision mean for other team members, why should they engage?

Regular progress updates and frank discussion of any issues leads to faster progress.

Father's Kiss


Stimulate ideas, harness the enthusiasm and create a plan with your team.

They will take ownership of their ideas and support you in delivering the plan.

At the Dentist


Create a higher purpose through CSR projects, chosen by the team that tie into the plan.

A more engaged team makes fewer errors, has more ideas, delivers more customer "Wow's" and enjoys coming to work.

The more the team puts in, the more it gets out.