• Simon Gambold

Why is engaging teams so important to our future?

Sustainable profits in any organisation can only be delivered by respecting the environment in which we operate and the people the organisation affects.

However, to deliver such ambition requires engaging our team, putting this stakeholder, the employee of the organisation, at the centre of our strategy, only then can we effectively execute such a mission as team members take responsibility to deliver.

By co-designing a vision and values that inspires and engages we can deliver an outstanding customer experience, as the people we work with feel ownership and genuine passion for the team goals. So that concern for our environment and care for our patients is front of mind when we make decisions and interact with others, ensuring we do our best to respect these key goals.

As leaders we set the culture, direction and ambition of our practices and it is important to reflect regularly on our progress and check how our actions follow our vision and values and so take us towards our goals.

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