• Simon Gambold

Wellbeing and Purpose

A recently published global study of 1.9 million people identified purpose as the key to wellbeing and happiness, more so than employment, being in a relationship or giving to charity. Instinctively we known that having a purpose leads to a happier and more fullfiling life and many studies of successful organisations have shown a higher purpose delivers better results.

Thats why at engagetheteam we help Dentists find their inner voice and sense of purpose, from where we move to our vision for the future we want to create. With a clear and powerful vision about how the future can be, we can inspire our teams to make the journey with us, to step up and hold themselves to a high

er standard.

It's an exciting journey and one that delivers outstanding patient care, increased productivity and a happier workplace.

Take a look at the Leadership Toolkit or try out our coaching programme and find out just how far you and your team could go.

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