• Simon Gambold

Uber and Leadership

I was reminded last week of the importance of looking after all stakeholders in an organisation if you want to maximise long term success. Reminded by the behaviour of our "Gig" economy as they circumvent employee protection and local taxation.

As leaders we need to consider all stakeholders: customers, investors, suppliers, our team and the community we serve and the ongoing resistance to paying their team members a fair rate shows that these new and emerging companies do not value them. By only looking after two stakeholders, customers and investors, they miss a bigger opportunity and one that is at the core of effective leadership. Leadership that creates long term, sustainable growth, an outstanding customer experience and a great workplace.

Now however, we are seeing a new synthesis emerging as the "Gig" economy players are gradually required to recognise all stakeholders and conversely, traditional players are forced to update their business models, be more competitive or not survive. 2021 requires constant vigilance and will prove more than ever that looking after your team pays dividends.

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