• Simon Gambold

Now is the time...

Now is the time to lean into our leadership journey, practice our skills and develop them further. As the stresses of our Covid World press into our everyday life, we all need to learn empathy for those around us we disagree with, to understand their position and start a conversation that brings us together.

To help us develop as leaders we also need to get better at giving and receiving feedback, in an open, honest and non-judgmental way. A way that adds to our store of knowledge about ourselves and how we can help those around us.

Finally, having difficult conversations allows us to address that “elephant in the room”, that personal issue preventing a team member from committing more, or to help resolve problems.

To find out how you can refocus your leadership, or to arrange an introductory call on how you can improve team engagement in your practice, click or call 07702 111070.

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