• Simon Gambold

Now is the Time!

Now that we have settled into the new world, our practices decommissioned, our teams furloughed or working on other projects, its time to reflect and prepare for how we re join the World.

Whilst we don’t know when, we do know we will reopen but things will not be the same again. The nature of the virus combined with the likelihood that no vaccine will be available before we open, means our way of practicing will change.

Longer procedures with more PPE, more downtime to decontaminate and more challenges around patient traffic through the practice and with more digital communication, will all force us to review our procedures.

We will have to ask more of our teams as we change processes and interact with patients in a new way.

Aside from preparation for and recommissioning of the practice our ask of our teams requires us to revisit our leadership skills and consider how we could engage our teams more effectively to overcome challenges and compensate for the reduced productivity that will follow.

Reflecting on your leadership style is always important, but now we have the time and can supplement our learning with the many online support groups available. Here are some steps you can take to review your skills:

1 Take a look at your home/work/sleep mix, does it need altering? Do you need more sleep to operate effectively? Do you want to spend more time at work in the new world, if not how will you improve your effectiveness, focussing more time on working on the business as opposed to in it?

2 How are your engagement skills, do the Team follow your guidance, input ideas with enthusiasm, will they rise to the new challenges? Could you delegate more, outsource more, stop doing some unproductive things, all to help offset the increased costs and longer appointments that will be required.

3 Have you secured their loyalty for the re opening? Your team will be feeling insecure and uncertain about the future, regular communication, reassurance and engagement in creating the new world should keep them on board, as well as helping create the new processes and write the operating procedures and train the team in readiness.

4 What can you do to engage them in the re commissioning process, you need their ideas, enthusiasm and hard work, so think about how you can engender such a climate. Regular virtual meetings, to discuss ideas, gather the emerging best practice and assign tasks, will build the new team whilst securing loyalty and commitment.

5 Then you should Set goals for the next phase of the practice growth, aligned with your long term objectives and vision. Do you have a Vision for the next phase of your business? Once established, you can set objectives and really build a meaningful purpose for the Team to rally behind. When you are operational and running in the new world, what will be your targets, what milestones will you set to get you there?

6 Plan an event that brings the team together, virtually, to discuss the goals, create excitement, gain commitment and ideas and then create a plan. Team members can take ownership for the pieces they are interested in and report back to the group on progress.

This way you can start to build a programme to re engage patients, create the new enhanced processes required and increase productivity to offset the new, longer, more complex world we are entering.

We have a window over the next few weeks to undertake a once in a lifetime review, get started today, reach out for help from the many sources available and start planning your better future.

To find out more call me on 07702 111070.

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