• Simon Gambold

Managing Risk

Better manage the risk of litigation in challenging market conditions. Protecting your practice from risk of litigation or complaint to the GDC is a key management requirement and the team engagement programme at engagetheteam provides a degree of protection and a big part of what you need to run a caring, compliant practice. By engaging the team you work with a purpose and vision they believe in, that motivates them to go the extra mile, they will be more likely to to take responsibility for their success, and so the practice service levels and the patient outcomes you achieve, will go a long way to protecting the practice from risk. Team members who are engaged deliver a better service to patients plus a better relationship and more effective communication channels. So firstly things are less likely to go wrong, as team members focus harder on getting things right first time, but also when inevitable mistakes occur the patient communication and improved relationship ensures that an issue can be dealt with more quickly and to the patients satisfaction, often leaving a stronger relationship afterwards. By involving your team you can reduce the risk of complaint or litigation significantly and when they do occur, deal with them more effective, so minimising the risk of a bad outcome for the patient and the practice.

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