• Simon Gambold

Make more mistakes!

It is counter intuitive but the way to learn fast is to make more mistakes! In other words try more new stuff, faster. Some will go wrong, that’s fine, if you have a good team and want to get better faster, then encourage them to try new things and they will learn faster.

Your job is to give them permission, remove obstacles and make sure they don’t wreck the business in the process. As long as they have a clearly defined remit and know their responsibilities, then they can experiment and the organisation will learn faster, together.

This requires trust and a firm belief in the team you have assembled. They will do it differently to you, that’s OK, as long as they are engaged, get motivated by the task and deliver, the detail is secondary. Trust them to take responsibility and they will get it done, mistakes along the way are part of the process and are OK.

I remember giving my team permission to “make more mistakes”, they were shocked but understood the need to move faster if the organisation was to advance quickly. Paying attention to all our stakeholders but not necessarily getting everyone’s approval to every step.

We went faster and the team were more empowered, more engaged and more successful.



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