• Simon Gambold

Lessons from my practice

Learn from your Patients.

How we empathise with and treat our patients determines the quality of care experienced by our patients and that care and attention gives us a clue to how our team members should be engaged. Very often it feels as if our team are an obstacle to providing care, why don’t they get it the way you do?

Why can they not get it done just as you do?

Why do you have to spend time with them when your patients are waiting? All these questions point to a disconnect with the team, we are not working together as effectively as we could, why not?

By looking at your colleagues as you look at your patients, by providing them with the empathy, care and consideration we can turn them into allies, getting it right first time and being real advocates for the practice.

By focusing on your team they can do what you want when you want and “wow” the patients.


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