• Simon Gambold

Its all about the Team!

How can you create sustainable, long term revenue growth for your practice?

Many organisations hold their customers to be their most important stakeholder, however my experience tells me that it is our teams that are the highest priority. With a fully engaged and motivated team we can “wow” the customers time and time again. No matter how good we are with our patients, one disgruntled, moody or demotivated word from the team can undo all our good work.

So what makes people give of their best, even in challenging and changing times?

Tapping into the potential of our teams, potential that could see them bringing some of the enthusiasm, ideas and passion they put into their hobbies, into their workplace? When we find a purpose, a purpose that brings meaning to our lives we become motivated, engaged and dedicate more to achieving the goal.

Team members who feel part of a team, who trust their leader and feel they are working towards a higher purpose, will engage that untapped potential to work harder, work smarter and enjoy their job.

Happiness in the Workplace comes from having purpose, being part of something bigger, having trust for your leader and having meaning. And with happiness comes increased productivity, more delighted customers, who come back more often and refer family and friends to the practice. This builds sustainable long term revenue growth.

Proven across many industries in many Countries, (HBR*), we can see that by engaging our practice team members, we can great a place to work, invigorating both our teams and ourselves to put more in and so get more out.

Engaging this untapped potential, potential many do not even realise they have, we can create the kind of workplace that stretches, challenges and succeeds for the long haul.

To find out the simple steps to achieving purpose, meaning and happiness in your work for you and your team come to our next Leadership Workshop with Dentinal Tubules on February 19th at The Grafton, Radisson Blu, Tottenham Court Road, London. or call 07702 111070.

· Harvard Business Review: ADP Research Institute study by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall: “The Ingredients of Engagement” 2018, looked at 1,000 organisations in 19 Countries.

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