• Simon Gambold

Do you have the right balance in your life?

As I work with Dental practice owners we usually take a look at work/home balance before we think about the goals we have for next three to five years. Our starting point is sleep, are we getting enough, could we do with more to be at our most effective? Secondly work time, the hours a day we spend at work versus travelling to work and being at home. Is the balance right to allow us to relax, unwind and be with our families?

Once we have decided on our ideal, we look at where we are today and the steps needed to get us to our desired goal. It's important to separate work and home, doing emails in the evening is bad practice, we should be focussed on our family/relaxing time and it's probably not effective from a business standpoint either. Unless we have a home office we can retire to, putting the mobile device aside is good practice. And the hours spent at work, how do we split clinical versus non clinical time, very important if we are to be effective in running our practice?

By balancing priorities effectively we can ensure we do what is important and takes us to our goals, rather than what is just urgent. We can be more productive and get more done if we digitise processes, outsource where specialist skills are required, like accounting, and delegate to our team once they are suitably engaged and trained.

Taking time out to rebalance our

lives will pay dividends, why not give it a go!

(Thanks to Philip Dowell for the stunning picture)

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