• Simon Gambold

Collaboration is King!

I was reminded recently of how powerful collaboration is, something easily forgotten in today’s ever more combative world. I was taking part in the Alliance for a Caries Free Future in London representing Industry, along with colleagues from the Profession, Academia, Government and Charities, from Europe and North America.

This group has been meeting each year for nearly a decade now with the mission to ensure that: “Every child born in 2026 and thereafter should stay cavity-free during their lifetime. (More information at: This is a global project, with a mighty ambition, why stop at 90% caries free?

By bringing together all interested stakeholders and having an open and rigorous dialogue we can move forward on this agenda, typical of the complex organisations and world we live in today. Without this engagement, progress cannot be made and the changes in behaviour required to meet such an ambitious goal could not be made.

It was exciting and eye opening to hear how oral health interventions have worked, and not worked, in different parts of the World. How we can change consumer behaviour and what we need to do first as a profession and industry.

The group has developed an International Caries Detection and Assessment System that aims to create one common process for managing caries, a major step forward and now the task is to seek adoption by the global dental community. Incredible what can be achieved if we come together, have open dialogue, listen and work together for our common goals.

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