• Simon Gambold

Calling all Micro Managers!

Anyone who like me loved the original Lego movie will remember how President Business had to control every single move of all his people, even down to supergluing their feet to the deck. Its a trap that's easy to fall into as we try to get everything right first time, every time. But to do so disempowers our teams, inhibits them from trying new stuff, from taking responsibility for the results and from engaging in the teams success.

Take some risks, let the team try new things, if you have good people who know what they are doing trust them, they will do it differently to you, will get things wrong, thats OK. Our job as leaders is to give them permission to act, to remove obstacles and empower them to be successful.

The result will be a motivated team that does more, is more productive, "wows" the customer more and enjoys coming to work.

A win/win/win for the team, the customer and you!

Find out how to fully engage your team at or come to see my talk at The London Dentistry Show, Olympia, September 13th.


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