• Simon Gambold

A Piece of the Action?

It’s a great movie cliché but does “getting a piece of the action” determine whether a team member acts on the advice given in a meaningful and enthusiastic way, as opposed to going through the motions? Having “skin in the game”, to use another term, is seen as really driving behaviour. But is a reward, financial or otherwise, really a prerequisite for getting people on board, to give that extra effort?

Undoubtedly a financial incentive, or a reward as simple as recognition in front of their peers, will add to a motivated person’s drive. However, real engagement comes from inside, does the person want to give of their all, does the goal have real meaning for them, does it resonate with their goals and provide the higher purpose they seek?

Building true engagement through a meaningful vision that resonates with your team and gives them real takeaways, like feeling fulfilled at the days end, with stories to tell and a warm feeling heading home, is what really counts. With this foundation in place, extra alignment can be found with financial incentives, recognition and ownership of the project, all leading to greater commitment.

All of which creates higher productivity, more satisfied customers and a happier, more fulfilling workplace. But the foundations must be in place first, before we add the “piece of the action” that fully aligns, goals and rewards.

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