• Simon Gambold

A New Synthesis Emerges

A new synthesis is emerging as we see the Uber and Deliveroo "workers" pressing for basic rights and the UK courts finding in their favour. At the same time Amazon reaches over E44b in sales across Europe, growth turbocharged by the pandemic, yet pays no tax in on this here, so continuing to prioritise customers and investors over other stakeholders and in particular not properly supporting the communities it serves.

Each of us as leaders has a responsibility to define our organisations values, values that our teams are aligned with and that drive the commercial decisions we make each day. Being clear about our values helps not only our team to make these key day to day decisions but helps define the purpose of the organisation and the standards to which we hold ourselves. More and more we are seeing traditional investment interests recognising the need for the companies they invest in to consider their employees and the environment, driving this positive trend.

This emerging synthesis, as the "gig" economy players adopt some traditional more responsible policies on employee, environment and governance issues, sees traditional players also adapting to survive, whether in the high Street or other sectors.

The new synthesis is emerging and we as leaders need to be aware of these trends and lead our teams through this changing landscape to ensure our organisations thrive and survive long term.

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