Engage the Team: About

Dental school teaches you to become a dentist.

Then you discover you've got a team and a small business to manage.

But you're not formally trained to manage people. This is beyond your comfort zone.

That's why I help practice owners and managers become exceptional team leaders.

Quite simply, you'll transform your business.

"When we train, we're taught to perform dentistry.

99% of my post-graduate experience was technical, too.

I did very little around leadership. Yet, keeping staff happy is by far my biggest challenge".

Kevin Silver, Cavendish House Dental Practice

Partway through my leadership career I had a lightbulb moment...


Your team is King - Not your customer.


This conflicted with two decades of mindset, but it's totally true.

When your team is happy and engaged, delighted patients and higher revenues follow.

As a Dentist your primary focus is clinical work followed by your patients. Managing your team can feel like a chore you don't need, yet it's crucial to your business success. In fact, it's HOW your business will thrive.

With my support, you'll develop a more motivated and happy team to help you achieve your vision. You'll also feel confident handling difficult personnel situations with proven techniques from your HR toolbox.

Your TEAM is Your Biggest Asset
Simon's Dental Industry Story

Apparently, I was good at managing teams.
So in 1994 I joined a small dental supply business as general manager.

Fast forward three years - we doubled in size. Something was working.


As part of the UK Henry Schein team, I soon became managing director of the UK group.

This included 650 team members at thirteen locations across the UK and Ireland.

The experience taught me team engagement is crucial.

We signed up for the "Great place to work" survey, (run by the Sunday Times back then). The scheme firmly believes great employee experiences are better for people and business.

Engage the Team: Simon Gambold story

During a five year programme, we implemented our team engagement process.


The results were clear:

  • Incredibly positive team response

  • Our engagement score rose annually

  • We smashed our operating income budget

I personally spoke to all 650 team members four times a year. Without fail. It was an investment in our team performance and the feedback was remarkable.


Every year our team engagement score got better. And operationally, we consistently beat our targets, year-on-year.


The secret to business success is team engagement.

Before long I was part of the European leadership team at Henry Schein. And yet, even then I knew I had a more valuable purpose ahead of me. I trained as a coach and set about helping the dental profession learn how to engage their teams and achieve incredible results.

Can I Help you Achieve
Your Goals? 

Clients see me as the missing piece in their jigsaw. You might be an established practice owner at a crossroads in your career. Or maybe you're earlier on your journey, realising leadership skills are crucial to your success.

Either way, you need someone to show you the way. Someone who truly understands your pressures and challenges. Someone who can practically help you and be a confidential sounding board. Always believing in you, always there for you.


Book a free 60 minute discovery call to find out whether I'm that someone.