Simon Gambold, Dental Leadership and Coaching for the Dental Industry

Simon Gambold,
Dental Leadership &
Engagement Coach

Can You Become a Confident

Dental Practice Leader?

You're a trained dentist. But when you're a practice owner that's half the story. Now you're an accidental leader with a team to manage.

Dental school taught you nothing about leadership!


I'm Simon Gambold, a dental leadership coach for practice owners and managers. Understanding your daily challenges, I help you engage your team through effective leadership.


With a happier team, you'll achieve remarkable results

"Simon's got my back. He's always believed in me, even when I didn't. And he's been an integral part of my professional life for years."

- Karen Gangotra, Smilessence.

Do you dread your weekly admin day?

Do you put off handling difficult conversations?

You won't be happy, neither will your team.


Keeping good people can be a nightmare, let alone ensuring everyone performs well.


You're not equipped or confident to deal with this.

You're doing your best, but let's be honest, it's hampering the growth of your practice.


I get it. And I can help you.


Having led teams in the dental industry for decades, I coach practice owners

ready to embrace the opportunities of confident leadership. 

“It’s very easy to go into dentistry and be a dentist day after day.

But having a long-term focus and learning how to convey that to your team is really beneficial.”

 - Sandra Suppo, Dentist

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Become a Capable Leader
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Flexible Support for You and Your Team

Whatever you need, I can help. From one-to-one coaching to team days.

With the right tools, techniques, and mindset, you can become an incredible leader.

And when you're ready to go further, choose my six month practice transformation programme.


The missing piece you're looking for is team engagement.


Not only will productivity and commitment improve they'll provide a better patient experience too.

It all starts with your leadership, though. 

One-to-one coaching
team coaching days
practice transformation programme
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